1. Your life is not a romantic comedy.
    But rather a series of moments that sometimes make you feel like a pasture of daisies, and sometimes like you got caught in a meat grinder. It's all beautiful, but sometimes it isn't pleasant.
  2. Love changes.
    The way you feel it, the way you experience it, where you find it. It all changes. So far as I know it doesn't stop changing.
  3. Being a grown up doesn't mean not being afraid.
    Actually quite the opposite. In my experience being an adult is being afraid of most everything all the time.
  4. Let him go.
    He doesn't deserve you, and even if he does love you...it isn't going to be enough. You'll both be happier. I know it doesn't feel like it. But you will.
  5. Failing doesn't make you a failure.
    It just means you tried. Keep trying. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it really, really doesn't.
  6. Be confident. You're fucking awesome.
    You're brilliant, and pretty, and funny, and cool. Own that.