TV Characters I Fell in Love With

My television addiction is probably unhealthy, but I'm chill with it.
  1. Brooke Davis
    Of all the OTH girls, Brooke is the one who really pulled her shit together and ended up a pretty bomb-ass adult. She started out as a teenage party girl and then did what very few characters on the small screen do realistically: she grew up.
  2. Pacey Witter
    "You and I were one of the few things, perhaps the only thing, that ever made total and complete sense in my life." ...I mean COME ON, you guys. It just wasn't possible for me to NOT fall in love with Pace. If I had to pick TV's actual perfect boyfriend: Pacey J. Witter every time.
  3. Tommy Donnelly
    I'm super into characters that put family above all else. Tommy always did. Even when it totally, royally screwed up his life. Also, if you've never seen Black Donnelly's, Netflix is calling your name. It's only one season and it cuts on a cliffhanger, but it's gold.
  4. Amber Holt
    Amber always reminded me a lot of myself. Flawed, creative, full of teenage angst and potential. And a la Brooke Davis, she really pulled her shit together and turned out to be a stellar human.
  5. Jax Teller
    Yes, he's a bad-idea biker with hella issues, but there's just something so magnetic about his charisma and that goddamn familial loyalty just GETS ME. ...okay, and the face. He's got a nice face.
  6. Fauxlivia Dunham
    Olivia drove me fucking nuts, but her alternate reality counterpart was a serious badass. I would definitely want this chick on my side in a global melt down.
  7. Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley Halpert
    I love both of these characters on their own, but TOGETEHR. I fell in love with JAM as a unit.
  8. April Ludgate Dwyer
    She's me with the balls to speak up offensively and often.
  9. Tim Riggins
    In all his pretty, damaged glory. I honestly think Tim Riggins is my actual, literal soulmate. Fictional or not.
  10. Tommy Shelby
    I didn't have a choice here. Tommy Shelby jumped out of Small Heath with his emotions and his baggage and beautiful cigarette-smoking persona and I was in love. He's so broken and hopeful it's just beautiful.
  11. Dean Winchester
    Dean is forever my #1. I will never love another character as much as I love Dean Winchester. I could go on for hours and get blubbery and emotional and maybe even a little bit angry, but nobody wants that. So I'll leave it at the root reason I love him so much: because he loves his brother more than literally anything or anyone. And theirs is my VERY FAVORITE love. ❤