A significantly more eclectic list than I realized.
  1. The guy who loves his car (probably more than he loves you).
    Pros: The car was actually cool. Knew his way around more than one type of engine (insert wink here). A little dangerous. Cons: A little dangerous. My mother hated him. He liked to spread his skills around to a generous section of the female populous.
  2. The guy who plays a lot of video games.
    Pros: He sincerely adored me. He made an effort to get to know my friends. Was a bomb kisser. Cons: Was constantly broke. Lazy. My mother hated him. My dad hated him. Eventually liked smoking weed more than he liked doing anything else.
  3. The teenage boy who has absolutely no rules at home and loves cheap beer.
    (disclaimer: I was also a teenager at the time of said relationship). Pros: He was hot as hell. Worked hard for his money, and proudly paid for dates with it. Knew how to have a good time. As good a kisser as he was at everything else. Cons: Serious commitment phobia (though to be fair he was 17 and I think is married now). Knew how to have (too much of) a good time. Liked to "keep his options open".
  4. The guy who has a girlfriend/wife.
    (Disclaimer: I'm not proud of this). Pros: The sneaking around was hot. He was good at...most everything. He was crazy, bangable attractive. He was actually incredibly sweet. Cons: He was in a committed relationship, which made me a primarily terrible human being.
  5. The guy who constantly needs affirmation that you think he's cool.
    Pros: None. Cons: He was not (even a little bit) cool.
  6. The guy who is a single dad.
    Pros: Nearly everything. Responsible. Hard-working. Charismatic. Loved his kids more than life itself. Sweet. Funny. Cons: Forever having to have a relationship with the mother of his children (which I totally understand, but do not love). Has priorities that are sometimes more important than me. Bit of a workaholic. (Disclaimer: I actually, regretfully, screwed this one up).
  7. The guy who isn't quite ready for an adult relationship.
    Pros: Seriously beautiful. Funny. Charming. Buys drinks and flirts just well enough that you know he likes you, but that he doesn't flirt often. Smart. Surprisingly tender. Hand-holder. Cons: Avoids confrontation like the plague. Still binge drinks a touch too often. Slightly spooked by commitment. Can't decide what he wants from life and/or a relationship.