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  1. Carbohydrates
    But like the bad kinds. And by bad kinds I mean the best kinds that they say now cause lung cancer or something. I.e. Bread, pasta
  2. Dairy
    I miss cheese. Also ice cream. Remember butter?? How good is butter?! Dreaming of cream cheese...
  3. Processed foods
    This is not very defined but I'm guessing I just can't eat food in bags or boxes or made by anyone else?
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The first of many Sophia Carol Larry
  1. Check the lyrics to "we are the women of the night...
    ...waaaaa woaaah"
  2. Miznon: call the health inspector about food poisoning at their restaurant.
  3. Learn email etiquette
It's the little things...
  1. When you become the iPhone Genius
    Your phone starts messing with you: All of he sudden it stops working- let's say the screen is unresponsive for no good reason - so you google it (on your computer), quickly become a detective expert technological mechanic, and after an hour plus of turning it off and back on, it starts to work as good as semi-new. Phew!
  2. Sales tax in Pennsylvania
    All essential items are w/o sales tax. Yes that means food and clothes, including shoes. Yes, that's the majority of what I spend my money on.
  3. Ordering the same thing at a Thai restaurant
    Can't go wrong with Pad Thai. Hold the peanuts because I'm intolerant (read: not deathly allergic).
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