Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Fun-Free
  1. Carbohydrates
    But like the bad kinds. And by bad kinds I mean the best kinds that they say now cause lung cancer or something. I.e. Bread, pasta
  2. Dairy
    I miss cheese. Also ice cream. Remember butter?? How good is butter?! Dreaming of cream cheese...
  3. Processed foods
    This is not very defined but I'm guessing I just can't eat food in bags or boxes or made by anyone else?
  4. Grains
    Soon we'll incorporate protein-y grains like quinoa and kasha. Fun times ahead.
  5. Legumes
    We live in Israel so we could only really go one week without hummus.
  6. Sugar
    Did I mention I'm not allowed to eat chocolate. Let's see how long this'll last...
  7. Coffee
    Yeah right.
  8. Alcohol
    No new friends.
  9. ...So what can I eat?
    Vegetables. Fruit. Nuts (but not too many). Eggs (my only true friends).