It should be noted it's not "just these days" but for a while. Except bullet #2, that's a new one
  1. Grateful dead
    Dead and co nov 1st MSG!!!! Can't wait to experience it live!!!
  2. The Weekend
  3. Spice girls
    Old school, takes me back to being 10
  4. Enough said. Pure joy. Born and Raised kills me every time and don't even get me started on the tears that fall when I hear Stop this Train and think of having one more day with my Dad. I'm a puddle every time I hear it. And so many more, omg edge of desire, slow dancing in a burning room, neon, the list goes on...hey maybe I need to make another list......
  5. Clapton
  6. Nirvana
    Montage of heck opened my eyes and had me hooked all over again
  7. Pearl jam