They speak to my soul and suck me in
  1. You've Got Mail
    Honestly, who can resist the combined charm of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? This movie's full of quaint things like children's book stores and dial up Internet.
  2. Dirty Dancing
    You know in the first season of New Girl when Jess is sobbing, watching this movie over and over after her breakup with Spencer? That is me all the time.
  3. The Mummy
    I know this list just took a bit of a strange turn, but I'm super into Brendan Fraser and ancient Egypt. The combo works for me. Also, this movie is on tv a LOT.
  4. The Notebook
    The other day I was telling someone the entire plot to this movie (which, who hasn't seen The Notebook yet??), and I started crying just talking about it. Nice job, Nicholas Sparks.
  5. Titanic
    I find that the commercial breaks provide a much needed respite from the trauma of what is happening in the film.