hello boys single and ready 2 mingle
  1. You go through my Twitter feed and like every single tweet
  2. We spend all night debating whether or not Dottie dropped the ball on purpose
  3. You kidnap me from my home and throw me into the back of a van with two strangers and we watch a live stream of you going through our personal shit as you decide who the best option is based on our possessions oh wait
  4. We act out Hamilton but I call dibs on Thomas Jefferson, Burr, and Eliza
  5. You build me a blanket fort and then leave
  6. You drop off your dog and then leave
  7. We sit in a windowless room and watch the finale to Friday Night Lights while silently wiping away each other's tears, then get matching "Texas Forever" tattoos
  8. You teach me how to poach an egg (not a euphemism)
  9. We create a thorough and complex theory about what happened to Hey Arnold's parents
  10. We get married right away*
    *Only applicable if you are Ryan Gosling or Shawn Hunter