yes I have always been bitter, thank you for asking
  1. Roger Klotz
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    I never liked this weenie with his stupid Macklemore haircut. The human garbage can of Bluffington. All Doug wanted to do was live his life and hang out with Patti Mayonnaise and Roger was always like, what's UP today world??? I'm still poor and own an ugly cat? Okay cool time to go ruin people's lives! (low key into his fashion aesthetic tho)
  2. Troy Bolton's dad
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    Come on dude, all your son wanted to do was make meth and distribute it to elementary school children. OH WAIT that's not right HE JUST WANTED TO FUCKIN SING
  3. Scar
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    where is that "You know what you did!" gif of Lauren Conrad from The Hills?
  4. Lauren from Boy Meets World
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    Remember when the greatest couple of our time broke up because of Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks? I DO. Well obviously this was way more Cory's fault, but I couldn't even fully enjoy Scooby Doo because I KNEW that Velma made out with Cory in the ski lodge on their senior trip!!! Remember when Topanga was all like, "if you needed to kiss another girl to realize that you love me then I can't be with you" YAS TOPANGA TELL HIM
  5. Everyone who bullied Stoop Kid into leaving his stoop
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    Fuck all these kids. He wasn't even hurting anyone, he literally just wanted to stay in his home! His biggest crime is having a mullet! What the fuck Arnold!
  6. Michelle Tanner
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    As soon as she started talking, I was over her. Michelle should've only been allowed to speak 4 words: "You got it, dude." Still can't believe they dedicated the last episode to her falling off a horse like what kind of bullshit is that. Also just wanna take a moment to shout out the unsung hero of this show, Comet the golden retriever ily buddy
  7. Randall from Recess
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    Okay first off, what was up with this dude's posture? Someone should've sent the kid to a chiropractor. Randall was the biggest snitch of my childhood, like I didn't even know people irl who were such suck ups! Randall totally grew up to be that guy who snitches on people for leaving work 10 minutes early or filling up their water cups with Sprite or stealing napkins from Starbucks (everyone does it ok)
  8. Spinner from Degrassi
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    Literally where do I even begin? Oh man hmm maybe that time he lied and told Rick that Jimmy pulled a prank on him and then Jimmy got shot and suddenly became Wheelchair Jimmy? But idk I guess congrats on breaking the stereotype that says all Canadians are polite because ur a straight up dick Spinner!! My queens Manny, Paige, and Emma deserved better than you GAVIN
  9. Alex Forrest
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    I can't believe she boiled the rabbit!!! Wait everyone else watched Fatal Attraction when they were kids right?
  10. The kid from The Giving Tree
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  11. Everyone on 7th Heaven
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    They cancelled ✨Everwood✨ so 7th Heaven could have another season. Likeeeee r u fckn kidding me? We could've had an extra season of Chris Pratt in outerwear but noooo apparently we all had to see what Happy the dog was doing for the 11th year in a row! ALSO your theme song is catchy as fuck and gets stuck in my head on the reg THANKS A LOT
  12. Debbie Thornberry
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    This isn't even rational! I was such a gd idiot! I love Debbie now! What a cool bitch! Literally everything I aspire to be YOU DO YOU DEBBIE THORNBERRY
  13. Jackal Johnson
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    What kind of tone deaf shithead hears an original Cheetah Girls song and is like, "meh not good enough"? Follow up question: why did he steal his look from intergalactic pop sensation Proto Zoa?
  14. Kevin the Sea Cucumber
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    whatever Kevin u and the Jelly Spotters ain't shit
  15. This girl from Addams Family Values
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    "I'll be the victim!" "All your life."