1. Anyone who says "expresso"
  2. The kid who steered me wrong on what flavor to get at Coldstone
  3. Whoever didn't let New Romantics on the regular version of 1989
  4. People who have naturally perfect Marissa Cooper hair
  5. Anyone who refers to black licorice as candy
  6. The guy that invented the term meninist
  7. People whose Halloween costumes are just shirts that say "This is my Halloween costume"
  8. My dentist during the ages of 14-19
  9. Any uber drivers who rate me less than a 5
  10. Donald Trump always, ESPECIALLY when he pronounces "huge"' like there's a y instead of an h
  11. The person who told me the statistic about how many spiders we swallow in our sleep
  12. The bees in Animal Crossing