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Ritz cracker sandwhichs
  1. Fried rice
  2. Corn dogs
  3. Yogurt covered granola bars
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- I got free Chinese food from the bank I work at. I'll never have to go there again and I got free Lomaine out of it.
  1. Nicholas made me smile by being super sweet on FaceTime always
  2. I had my last voice lesson with Judy. Bittersweet, but my voice has improved tremendously.
  1. Me and this nice fish I caught.
  2. I'm also a sick golfer.
  3. My abs are made of steel, and have you seen my dog? So cute.
  4. I also write erotic adult fiction. It's a famous world seller, but it's just a hobby.
  1. Making sex a completely negative thing.
    If someone wants to have sex, let them be! It does not downgrade them as a person, define their worth, or make them the devil!!!
  2. When people belittle someone's compliments.
    If someone wants to compliment me, let them! They make actually think I'm beautiful! Wow crazy!!!
  3. When people think they're better than me because they smoke.
    I don't care that you smoke!! I don't care that I don't!!!! Leave me alone!!!
  1. Woah I'm 14
  2. I'm 15
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  1. Look at this cute pic of Chicago I found on Twitter
  2. My friends and I are so cute
  3. I love Boston
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  1. "You'll be the first Kennedy to get hit from behind & actually survive" -boy
  2. A boy did not understand that I clearly didn't understand that I did not like his hug, so he proceeded to try to hug me again to make it better.
  3. "Of course you're not prettier than Kate Upton, nobody is Hun"- such a sweet boy
  1. People who think they're a high rank in society. You're not the shit because you can hold a football!!!
  2. People who judge me because I don't smoke. Leave me alone!!!
  3. People who try to make others feel inferior. Leave my outfit alone, I like it!!!!
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  1. Coloring
  2. Drinking tea
  3. Bubble baths
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  1. They had my back & made me look hilarious when I needed it.
  2. Candice is the funniest human alive
  3. Alan is absolutely hilarious without even trykng
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