10 Things That Make Me Upset

  1. People who think they're a high rank in society. You're not the shit because you can hold a football!!!
  2. People who judge me because I don't smoke. Leave me alone!!!
  3. People who try to make others feel inferior. Leave my outfit alone, I like it!!!!
  4. When someone mocks my aspirations and goals. They're real!!!!!
  5. When someone corrects my grammar. I made a mistake!!!!
  6. When someone says I can't sing. You have no right to define my voice and its abilities!!!
  7. When someone thinks they have the right to treat me like shit because they're my friend. Ur not my friend!!!!
  8. Make me laugh they say. Tell me a joke. No!!!!
  9. Telling me that my choice of college is expensive. Thanks for telling me because I didn't know that!!!!
  10. When everyone asks me what I'm going to do with my life. I don't know so leave me alone!!!!!