1. Amy Pohler: okay this woman is literally my idol. She changed her mind last minute for college to make herself happy. She lead a chillen life doing improv and working her ass off. And then was on SNL!! And then made a tv show & a book and a movie and Jesus Christ now she helps kids with bullying and self esteem and I want to be her Jesus.
  2. Kristin Wiig: No one can top her on SNL. Not even my girl Amy.
  3. Lindsey: I have never met someone so talented and thoughtful and strong as her. I admire her so much and I would probably protect her more than anyone. I wouldn't take a bullet for anyone but her.
  4. Wyatt Paul: He's so cute & sweet. He can be really spacey & had ADHD, but he's always so kind to me and wouldn't harm anyone.
  5. The Young Family: I want to have a happy successful career pursuing something I love as much as these two do. They're such a kind family and they stand for everything good in this world.
  6. Mrs Whinnem: She'll always be the best teacher I've ever had and even though she trashes on my life, I love her.
  7. Heather: She's such a nice friend. Jesus I'm lucky she's my friend.
  8. Ari: I've never had a friend who is more protective and loyal.
  9. Aidan: He's so funny & silly.
  10. AJ: He can be a brat, but I love him.
  11. Makenzie: She's so talented omg it's ridiculous & so kind and sweet.
  12. Emma: Such a good friend.
  13. Daniel & Candice: They're so good at improv I'm jealous!!!