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  1. Stumptown americano with a splash of cream
  2. Getting a row to myself on a flight
    Paired with complimentary wifi and I'm in heaven
  3. Watching the sunrise
    Specifically Turnagain Arm, AK
  4. Turning off my alarm and falling back asleep
Heartbreak across the nation this morning.
  1. Why did I even go to AXS. Rookie mistake.
  2. Okay okay breathe Ticketmaster here we go
  3. In line, ahhh
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  1. 1.
    A dancer, then a singer, then a singing dancer.
  2. 2.
    The first female President
    Was on a major girl power high
  3. 3.
    A doctor
    Helping people improve their health is cool
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  1. The Office
    All time favorite.
  2. LOST
    Living out lost while watching lost, that could be interesting.
  3. Grey's Anatomy
    Might come in handy
  1. Saw Spotlight
    A must see. Side note: What ever happened to Mark Ruffalo's character? Where is his wife?
  2. Haven't woken up before 10:30
    Having 8am class everyday means I've earned this, right?
  3. Had to stop binge watching The @mindy Project because I used all my moms Internet for the month.
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