1. Saw Spotlight
    A must see. Side note: What ever happened to Mark Ruffalo's character? Where is his wife?
  2. Haven't woken up before 10:30
    Having 8am class everyday means I've earned this, right?
  3. Had to stop binge watching The @mindy Project because I used all my moms Internet for the month.
  4. Read @mindy 's book Why Not Me?
    Amazing! Had a crazy dream where I met @mindy and @bjnovak and we all ate McDonalds.
  5. Watched the same movie 10 times just with different actors
    Thank you Hallmark
  6. Made a game plan for purchasing Adele tickets.
    Ready to sing at the top of my lungs while also crying.
  7. Felt like I'm forgetting to do something every couple of hours.
  8. Baked almost every holiday cookie I've seen on Pinterest
  9. Started reading The Girl On The Train
    100 pages in and damn this girl has a rough life. No spoilers please.
  10. Awkwardly hugged people from high school I was never really friends with at the grocery store.
    Yay for small towns
  11. Made my first list on TLA
    This is pretty fun.