2017 Firsts

  1. Living in a cottage in Woodbury, GA.
  2. Going to Columbus, GA with fellow RWSH interns.
  3. Rollerbladed through piedmont park.
  4. Eating Vietnamese food
    First time I can remember #pho
  5. Being a part of the proposal.
    Erica & Drew
  6. First wedding of the Year.
    Michael and Stephanie Mann - Monroe, GA
  7. Attending a Georgia high school track meet.
    Jerry Arnold Classic
  8. Grant Park Food-o-Rama
    Peace of Pita - lamb gyro
  9. First time playing Kubb
  10. Red brick brewery
  11. First and last time passing the boards
  12. Graduating in a college ceremony #DPT
  13. Flying with Ashton... #krashtwest
  14. First show in Vegas!!! @PlanetHollywood