1. Towels.
    Have you ever needed a towel on a trip... I guess if you decide on an impromptu walk on the beach. But you'll find one in the room. Never bring one with you.
  2. Shoes.
    We always pack shoes. Just never the right ones. Or enough. Great I have 8 pairs of boxers but I don't have my driving moccasins
  3. Hair dryer
    Well for obvious reasons. Bald may be one of them. But look at the photo. Now look at your dryer. Now back at the photo. That's the new Dyson hair dryer. I will grow my hair out just so I can buy one. @Dyson #dyson
  4. Board games
    Yeah no longer do we need to keep ourselves entertained with games and cards while traveling.
  5. Water bottle
    Empty bottle to reuse.
  6. Safety kit
    It's always in my car. But never on my travels.