There are a lot. Does that make me a bad sports fan? Probably! Does that make me insecure when expressing opinions to other sports fans? For sure! Is that gonna stop me from making this list? No!
  1. Boston Red Sox
    #1 fave all time I will go down will this ship I will put my hands up and surrender
  2. Seattle Seahawks
    Although I'm not sure I'm at the point where I can completely call myself a 12. Maybe an 11.5
  3. Chicago Cubs
    Who doesn't
  4. Chicago Bulls
    Me and my dad always say DA BULLS so I've always liked them
  5. Chicago Bears
    Same story
  6. Vancouver Canucks
    I have tried to get away
  7. Ottawa Senators
    I have a soft spot for Lazar (or, as I scream at my TV, LAZER!!!!!!)