Having a baby can change you in a lot of magical ways, but it also makes you way less cool.
  1. I get up before 6am now. Every damn day.
    He must've gotten the early riser gene from his dad cause I'm not happy about it.
  2. I go to bed before 10 pm most nights
    For main reason, see above.
  3. I notice "bad" things I didn't before
    Like, they say "shut up" a lot in Harry Potter. And a lot of the songs I like are not very appropriate for a baby.
  4. I don't really worry about my appearance much....and it shows...
    A little food, slobber, snot or spit up on my shirt? I'll just wipe it with a wipe and be on my way. Hair is rarely done. Outfits chosen by how easily I can take my boob out to feed him.
  5. If evening plans will go past 7pm, we're out.
    Bedtime is 7. If you want us to attend we'll have to get a babysitter and I don't want to do that most of the time.
  6. I can't really drink. Because I'm breastfeeding
    Not that I need to drink to have fun, but I've been told I'm way more fun when I do. Lol
  7. I'm totally domesticated
    I spend my days taking care of a baby, cooking and cleaning.
  8. I don't talk about much besides my kid
    Really, I don't do much besides hang with him. Plus I think he's the best.
  9. The baby is the main deciding factor in everything I do
    Can he come? Will it eff up his naps? Will I be able to keep him entertained? Is it safe for a baby? Will we be home for bed? Etc.
  10. I'd rather be home
    To be honest, I'd rather be home with my family over most anything else. They are the best.