You ever say "I don't really like that" and have someone respond with "are you serious!?!?!? Get out!" I do.
  1. Chicken wings.
  2. Chocolate and peanut butter
    Like peanut butter cups. This is the one that has gotten me thrown out. Lol. I like chocolate, I like peanut butter, I do not like them together
  3. The hip
    If you're not Canadian you won't understand. And I know, poor timing but true.
  4. Camping
    Ok, maybe not MOST people liking it but a lot sure don't seem to have my hatred for it. Tim Hortons lady - "would you like to donate $2 to help send a kid to camp for camp day?" Me - "no, I don't support camping"
  5. Laundry
    Oh wait, no one likes doing laundry. If you do, please come live with me.