Normally, being wrong is the worst. But now that I have discovered these joys, I hope to be wrong many more times.
  1. Sweet potatoes
    Original thinking: Nothing can be better than an actual potato in all of its glorious forms. Get out, orange imposter. Enlightened thinking: I'm sorry, orange delight. You are so much more than a potato.
  2. The Emperor's New Groove
    Original thinking: This must be one of Disney's mistakes. Something about a llama and a lever? I'll stick to my "ciiiiircle of liiiiiife". Enlightened thinking: HIDDEN JEWEL IN THE DISNEY CROWN! So clever, so funny, every character is perfect. AND John Goodman to boot?! "Oh.... I can feel it."
  3. Mumford and Sons
    Original thinking: I will not join the hipster, folky, cult following that this band seems to have. Who needs a banjo. Enlightened thinking: I need a banjo. I do. These guys are crazy talented, and their music is somehow both soothing AND motivating.
  4. Sushi
    Original thinking: Why do people pay so much for fishy rice balls? Enlightened thinking: So many options. So beautifully crafted. Dynamite rolls for dayz!
  5. Sherlock
    Original thinking: Always piqued my interest, but one of those shows I would get to eventually. Unimportant and probably boring. Eggs Benedict? Enlightened thinking: So, so lovely and I never want it to end. The long episodes are not a commitment, they are a GIFT. Be prepared to give your full attention to the screen, and your whole heart to Martin Freeman.
  6. Stephen King
    Original thinking: There's no way his books are THAT good. He's no Rowling. Enlightened thinking: The fact that I can barely see after reading The Green Mile proves that he is THAT good. Mr. King has level upped quite a bit, moving him closer to Rowling-status.
  7. Homemade bread
    Original thinking: There's too many steps and special tools required. It would never be as good as real bread. Enlightened thinking: it's stupid how easy it is. Just do it. Your nose and mouth will thank you.