How to parent

A list based on my own experience from being the daughter of shitty parents
  1. Do not hit your child
    Ever. E V E R. This may seem obvious but to some it's not
  2. Do not call your child worthless/stupid/ annoying/ bitchy/ ect.
    This is verbal abuse
  3. Give your kids two mental health days per school year
    This allows them to understand their own feelings and tipping points as well as making them feel like they can trust you
  4. When they talk about something serious, listen
    It does not matter what else you have going on, they are your child, this is your job
  5. Always provide them with proper nutrition and shelter
    Sacrifice yourself for them. Even though it hurts
  6. Treat their feelings with validity
    Don't tell them that their crying means they're just tired or that they're getting too offended or too scared over nothing
  7. When they're old enough, educate them on safe sex
    This does not encourage sex, this just provides a basis for them to know what happens and how to be safe when the time comes
  8. Accept them always
    I don't care if they're gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, into screamo punk music or sappy alternative jams, if they dress like they just came from a neon factory, if they dress like they crawled from the pits of hell, accept them. They are your child.
  9. Support them always
    Even in the little ways. I cannot stress the importance of this
  10. Love them. Always. No matter what.
    Even though it's hard. Even when they tell you they hate you. Love them anyway