When I can't get out of bed due to chronic depression and complications that go with it, I grab my laptop and watch a movie (or four). A coping mechanism. These are the ones I watch on repeat
  1. About Alex (2014)
    I've watched this three times, cried the first two and felt better after every time. A movie about suicide that makes me not want to kill myself
  2. Juno (2007)
    This gem is sitting on my bed side table next to my computer. Juno's wit and unable to take sh*t always puts a smile on my face.
  3. A Long Way Down (2014)
    Another movie about suicide, got terrible ratings, but I loved it. Four complex characters and a girl who wants to be invisible, I can relate.
  4. In A World (2014)
    Cute lil' quirky movie with feminist overtones and people with beautifully pitched voices. Also nerd love and I'm a sucker for that.
  5. The Hunger Games movies (any)
    My favorite dystopia series and a cast of power teens. The first Hunger Games used to be my only suicide movie, I watched it 13 times in a year, I memorized the entire thing.