1. Podcast: pop culture happy hour
    Have been listening to this one for years and I still enjoy it immensely.
  2. Blog: cup of jo
    Love following her but 2 of the most recent have hit 2 things that I absolutely love: face masks (http://cupofjo.com/2016/01/best-face-masks-for-all-skin-types/) and memoirs (http://cupofjo.com/2016/01/when-breath-becomes-air-by-paul-kalanithi/)
  3. Habit to acquire: no phone in bed
    This is so hard but so worth it!
  4. Thing to include on your desk: daily calendar
    I love tearing a calendar page off in the morning when I get to work. I had a puppy of the day calendar last year and this year I have a dilbert calendar.