I love her to pieces, but she has really ruined some of my favorite sh*t.
  1. Watching more than 30 consecutive minutes of uninterrupted TV.
    Who new it would now take 4 days to get through an episode of House of Cards.
  2. A shower where I didn't feel like I was in a competition for "World's Fastest Shower."
    I'm pretty sure I have won this competition like 150 times.
  3. Getting coffee because it was a nice treat.
    It is literally a survival tool now, and if not constantly running through my veins I might actually die. Not quite the same.
  4. Driving places without having to first wrestle a small, yet surprisingly strong, little human into a car seat.
    Some days this process takes 15 minutes. Each way. Good thing I left an hour to get bread from the supermarket.
  5. The absence of "Frozen" in my life.
    I'm not sure if it is Stockholm Syndrome or if it really IS that awesome, but I've almost Insta'ed a #wcw pic of Elsa more than once.
  6. Shopping for one.
    Staying on top of ever-changing shoe and clothing sizes, toddler preferences, and a hefty stash of "play clothes" that don't cost a fortune but don't make your child appear homeless = exhausting.