Music has always been a big part of my life. My mom always has music playing basically 24/7 but only listens to "clasic rock" from the 70s and 80s. Discovering that other music existed was an eye opening and fun adventure
  1. Jennifer Lopez - On the 6 (1999)
    I was given this as a Christmas present @ 9 years old and I discovered there was other kinds of pop than Brittany Spears
  2. Blink 182 - Dude Ranch (1997)
    I found this in my mom's BF's CD collection @ 11 years old and my mind was blown. I hadn't heard anything like it but I was in love with everything about it. I discovered pop punk and was amazed
  3. Gorillaz - Gorillaz (2001)
    I bought my first CD my self with my own money @ 13. I liked Clint Eastwood from the radio and loved the rest more than I could have imagined.
  4. TV on the Radio - Young Liars (2003)
    Age 13 was a good time for me musically. We got dial up internet and I got Kazaa. This changed everything. I accidentally found so much good music. I found this and discovered this wonder a Capella whatever they were.
  5. Radiohead- Hail to the thief (2003)
    I accidentally download radiohead's Blackfriars while trying to get more TV on the Radio and once again can't believe my ears. Ok show it to all my friends but to no avail. I needed everyone to know aboutb this amazingness but my fellow 13 year olds are too into Linkin Park to care.