This is a really hard list. I've changed the ranking about 4 times and I'm still not happy with it.
  1. DMB
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    I've been to 8 so far, and they've all been amazing
  2. The Avett Brothers
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    Second night at Red Rocks in 2012
  3. The Lumineers
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    On a tiny stage within arm's reach in Telluride, before they made it big.
  4. Ryan Bingham
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    At Mishawaka
  5. Mumford & Sons w/ Dawes
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    At Red Rocks.
  6. Dispatch
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    My first Red Rocks show!
  7. The Lumineers
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    At Red Rocks last minute during all of the horrible flooding in 2013
  8. Ben Harper
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    At Red Rocks. At one point, he sang completely acoustic, with no mic, and you could hear him throughout.
  9. The Head & the Heart
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    More so the awesome bands they paired with
  10. Rusted Root
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    Free show we happened to find in Greensboro