My Life Since Wednesday

  1. Saw VP 🇺🇸Joe Biden🇺🇸 speak about the It's On Us campaign at my school (🍊)
    Love him. Powerful presence
  2. Saw the number one college football team in the country beat my school (🍊) in a game that was closer than what I thought it would be
    Didn't stay for the whole game, but still.
  3. After the game we took a bus downtown for *see next item* and on the way, we saw Rex Ryan pull out of a parking garage with his ridiculous Bills truck (google it). His son plays for Clemson and I think he was on the sideline during the game.
    I think Sammy Watkins was in he car with him
  4. Saw Bo Burnham perform. Make Happy Tour. Go see it.
    He told a fantastic joke about chips
  5. Played a full quidditch match during half time of a roller derby.
    I'm the starting keeper for the Syracuse Snare
  6. Made this list