1. Biff is literally Donald Trump
    Everything from the greed, the hair, the wives, the casinos, and especially the portraits of himself
  2. Lots of "Holy shit!"s from Marty. That would never McFly in a family movie today
    Sorry for that
  3. The dueling-staircase jump is one of my favorite escape tricks.
    I always look to see if staircases are set up like that one.
  4. If Biff went back in time to give young Biff the almanac, why would he return to the original future timeline? Wouldn't he automatically go to the same timeline that Marty went to in the broken 1985?
  5. Lots of comic falling while running
  6. "That's about as funny on a screen door on a battleship"
  7. "Now why don't you make like a tree and get out of here"
  8. Love the guy who says "I think he took his wallet" four times
  9. Seems strange that the Old West was only 70 years before 1955
  10. The story starts off shaky, especially with Jennifer's part in the future, but by the end the plots of the first and second films are tied together strongly.