Rolling straight out of a tour bus bunk in search of a good cortado. Work in progress. Not pictured: Starbucks and catering.
  1. Go Get 'Em Tiger (Los Angeles, CA)
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    Hometown hero
  2. Weekend Coffee (Dallas, TX)
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    Inside the Joule Hotel
  3. Café Integral (Chicago, IL)
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  4. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters (Vancouver, BC)
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  5. Fools & Horses (Edmonton, MB)
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  6. Little H (London, UK)
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  7. Little Man Coffee (Cardiff, Wales)
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  8. Kember & Jones (Glasgow, Scotland)
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  9. Established Coffee (Belfast, IE)
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  10. The Barn (Berlin, Germany)
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  11. Coffee Gang (Cologne, Germany)
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  12. Kaffeplantagen (Copenhagen, DK)
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  13. Collective CAC (Cincinnati, OH)
  14. Sorry Coffee Co (Toronto, ON)
    Inside Kit+ Ace
  15. Tunnel Espresso (Montreal, QB)
  16. Little Owl (Denver, CO)
  17. Beacon Coffee (Ojai, CA)
  18. Prism Coffee (Albuquerque, NM)
  19. Achilles Coffee (San Diego, CA)
  20. Pedalers Fork / 10 Speed Coffee, Calabasas, CA
    Suggested by @dev