Things I noticed while volunteering as a pro-choice escort at an abortion clinic in Downey, CA, about 30 mins from LA.
  1. Babies
    Protestors bring babies. Patients also bring babies. Life is complicated, y'all.
  2. Rosaries
    Again, in the hands of the protestors AND hanging around the review mirrors of patients. Complicated.
  3. People not getting an abortion
    This clinic provides all sorts of women's healthcare services. You'll often hear women say "but I'm just here to get birth control, why are they yelling at me?" Also, women who have had miscarriages do not appreciate a man yelling "Don't have an abortion!" at them.
  4. A giant photo of a stillbirth
    Used by Anti-choice protestors to look like a late-term abortion. The words PROTECT THE UNBORN above it.
  5. Comedians
    Apparently LA comedians are committed enough to the cause to drive to Downey at 9:30am on Sunday mornings. I found out about volunteering through a comedian and usually see @brockwilbur and others there.
  6. Confusing honks
    It's so hard to tell whether people are honking for the pro or anti choice message.
  7. Anti-choice playlist
    The protestors play a mostly annoying and occasionally disturbing mix of songs and sounds. There's a 5 minute clip of a young girl asking why she wasn't allowed to be born. Also, for some reason, 3-5 minutes of a baby crying. Oh, and Jesus Loves Me sung by children.