I lived in Chicago for 8yrs before moving to LA 2yrs ago. @vp requested CHICAGO INSTITUTIONS AND THEIR LOS ANGELES EQUIVALENTS, so I thought I'd start with neighborhoods. This is, by no means, a comprehensive list.
  1. Echo Park = Logan Square
    Good tacos and cheap rent... for now.
  2. Silverlake = Lincoln Square
    Let's go to that cute boutique after brunch, k?
  3. Highland Park = Pilsen
    There's always so much going on there! Why don't I ever go there? Oh, cause it's far.
  4. Weho = Boystown
    Too obvious?
  5. Hollywood = Wrigleyville
    Crowded, loud, touristy, and home to most improv theaters.
  6. Los Feliz = Wicker Park
    Fashion hats. All day, erry day.
  7. Santa Monica = Old Town
    We have money and we love dogs!
  8. Gold Coast = Malibu
    We have SO MUCH MONEY! Let's live by the water!
  9. Koreatown = Humboldt Park
    Rent is cheap here, but your bike will definitely be stolen.
  10. The Valley = Schaumburg