1. When he gently wiped the dribble from my numb cheek.
    This is what started it all. Very tender.
  2. Realizing he looks like a shlubby John Stamos.
    Whose dentist has long hair?! Mine. He's got stubble and a gut too. Trés approachable!
  3. When he checked in to say ask if I was ok several times with genuine concern.
    The fact that I was ok made me feel tough. And I felt like he respected me for that.
  4. When he used the word ironic in a poignant way.
    I was saying, in between fillings, that it was actually meditative to not have my phone and be alone with my thoughts while he was drilling. Zen at the dentist. "Ironic." He replied. He was right.
  5. Then he said "chi city"
    When I said I was from Chicago he replied "Oh, Chi City." Which is really something I can't abide.