I worked as character actor at Bud Lite's insane Whatever, USA promotion. Bud Lite takes over an entire town for a weekend. This year it was on Catalina Island. I was part of a team of people playing fake residents of Whatever and other strange things.
  1. Nurse Kristen
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    My default character. I walked around handing out fake prescriptions and starting dance parties.
  2. Yellow Team Leader
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    The winners were broken into teams when they first arrived and given crazy accessories to put on. Here's the thing about people who win a contest called #upforwhatever, they love accessories. We ran out of banana costumes on the first 10 minutes.
  3. Snoop Dogg's Entourage
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    Surprise! Nurse Kristen is now a Fly Girl in Snoop Dogg's entourage. They pulled all the character actors in with the Brand Ambassadors (who tend to be more model types) to surround Snoop Dogg as he rolled through Main Street on a low rider bike.
  4. Zebra
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    On Saturday morning we woke people up at their hotel rooms by banging on their door dressed as animals and blasting the opening chords of Circle of Life from the Lion King at their door. At 8am. No one was mad about it because these people are #upforwhatever.
  5. Flapper
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    There was a Gatsby style party on the second night and we all dressed in costumes for a dinner on the pier. I am also wearing a suit jacket because it was cold and also it looks sexy when women wear men's clothes.
  6. Bikini Model
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    Not part of the official Whatever, USA costumes, but this is what I wore on the ferry home because I too am now #upforwhatever, if that includes wearing a duck hat and a fake bikini and chain.