Entertainment Weekly wrote recently that Centerstage is the greatest dance movie of all time. I disagree. Strongly.
  1. That end sequence tho
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    This could be the beginning and end of the list as far as I'm concerned. I wish I could add a GIF. HE BREATHES HER. IT'S INSANE! The dancing in this finale is so damn good. And it takes place outside in that crazy-ass firehose movie rain because THE STREETS.
  2. The leads have chemistry!
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    Like, they like each for real. It's palpable. When they won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie awards, I had to cross my legs in other direction.
  3. Channing Tatum
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    Does a double flip off a trampoline and LEAVES HIS SHIRT hanging from a pole in the FIRST 10 MINUTES of this movie.
  4. Shake Your Pom Pom
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    We hadn't heard from Missy in far too long when she added this hot track to the soundtrack. The accompanying dance montage was fun as hell too.
  5. A b-girl as a lead!
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    I'm so sick of watching ballerinas find their inner "street" in dance movies. It was so refreshing to watch a girl who can breakdance. That's her doing a headspin while everyone else just points like "that's what's up".
  6. Jabbawokeez
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    Are somehow not even the best dancers in this movie
  7. Moose
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    The whole movie you're like "Well, he's a fun sidekick." And then he goes FULL BLOWN MICHAEL JACKSON in the finale. Again, dat finale.
  8. Christopher Scott
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    Lookin young as hell and dumb as hell, but still crushing it as a dancer. He would go on to choreograph some siiiiiick dances for So You Think You Can Dance.