Took a pit stop at this medieval city and UNESCO World Heritage Site (paging @helytimes!) on our way from San Sebastián to Madrid. Here's what we did.
  1. First, a little backstory:
    Segovia is a little city with a rich past, dating back to the Celts and Romans. Home to several architectural marvels, Segovia's star feature is its iconic Roman aqueduct, built around 50 AD.
  2. I mean... look at this thing. It's incredible.
    Made of granite, it's 813 m in length and up to 28.5 m high, with over 160 arches. It's mostly held together without mortar (wut).
  3. So anyway, pull into Segovia and gawk at the aqueduct for a while.
    ...Seriously tho, how did anyone get anything done back in 50 AD? 🤔
  4. Then, head to Plaza Mayor for some lunch/wine.
    You're eating a meat plate @ the same spot Isabella I was crowned Queen of Castile in 1474! Thrilling.
  5. ...but maybe avoid the patatas alioli?
    I'm a mayo lover and this was too much for even me to handle. 😕
  6. Check out the cathedral.
    Built in the mid-16th century in a late Gothic style. Massive.
  7. Take a walk through the Jewish Quarter.
    Segovia was once home to a thriving Jewish population (well, until 1492). We saw some former synagogue sites, but had to skip the cemetery.
  8. Stop by an IRL fairytale Alcázar (castle). 🏰
    "Turns out you can build yourself a pretty sweet pad when you rape, pillage, and murder!" —Travel Bud
  9. Snap a pic of the Old City.
  10. Get sidetracked by some hilarious pastries on the way back to the car.
  11. Admire that aqueduct one last time and hit the road—it's time for Madrid!