Here's how it's done. (cc: @sslavin84)
  1. Check into your hotel
    Take a 30 minute nap because you haven't really slept in the past 24 hours.
  2. Look outside at the Guggenheim, realize it's closed on Mondays
    Damn. Guess we'll go tomorrow.
  3. Eat something delicious
    Duck rillettes + foie salad. Not pictured: tuna belly, asparagus tempura, patatas bravas, hake, bacalao in some ridiculously tasty tomato sauce.
  4. Drink some cheap wine
    €7 for a bottle?! Is this real life?
  5. Walk to Casco Viejo, Bilbao's old quarter
    Dates back to the late 1400s. Charming af.
  6. Admire the street art
    ...Like this cat shitting on a human skull.
  7. Crush on a building
    I am a sucker for 🌈
  8. Siesta
    When in Spain...
  9. Eat more incredible things, like jamón ibérico
    And make sure you Snap about it, otherwise IT DOESN'T COUNT.
  10. ...Or pulpo a la gallega
    Octopus and potatoes. Damn.
  11. Drink more affordable and tasty wine
    Think we broke the bank on this €12 bottle.
  12. Have the best night's sleep you've had in months
    Boring, but necessary.
  13. Wake up. Have a cafe con leche.
    Coffee here rules.
  14. Hit up the Guggenheim for some art
    There's a Francis Bacon exhibit happening right now.
  15. Highlights: Richard Serra sculpture room
    Disorienting and awesome.
  16. Jenny Holzer LED installation
    Love me some word art (in English and Basque!).
  17. This Alexander Calder sculpture
    Romulus and Remus.
  18. This Bacon painting
    I feel you, man.
  19. This Koons sculpture
  20. Take a selfie with the museum audio guide
    ABT. Always B. Trappin', friends.
  21. Grab your bags, get in your car, and drive to San Sebastián!
    Congratulations, you survived 24 hours in Bilbao! Proud of you. 🎆