I buy all the things, and only recommend the best!
  1. Burt's Bees Coconut & Pear Lip Balm
    So delicious-smelling and goes on way smoother than the Burt's peppermint balm. Can't stop slathering this on my lips. A new winter essential. I bought 3 tubes.
  2. SPANX Leggings
    I'm dipping my toes in the athleisure water. They're not cheap, but they make your ass look great. I got these:
  3. Cle de Peau Concealer
    Hands down, the best concealer I've ever purchased. Fantastic coverage and super lightweight.
  4. Aesop Herbal Deodorant
    Smells like a hot person (guy or girl).
  5. 18 Medium Free Range Eggs
    I'm not baking anything, so I don't ::need:: large eggs... and I get six more of them for the same price as a dozen large ones. Way more into this boring purchase than I ought to be.
  6. Macadamia Nut Milk (original flavor)
    It was an impulse buy from Whole Foods that paid off (very on-brand for this Hawaiian). Rich and creamy with just a hint of that unmistakable mac nut flavor. Will it replace my beloved vanilla almond milk? Probs not, but I'll be happy to add it to my rotation.
  7. Halo Top Ice Cream
    It's a little gritty and my tongue feels kind of weird rn, but all in all a totally viable low calorie ice cream substitute. So far strawberry > cookies 'n' cream (and I was told by my friend that vanilla "tastes like bad taint with sand," so be warned). 🍨
  8. Melatonin
    Holy cow. Either I've been exhausted or this stuff really works, but I've been sleeping pretty soundly the past few days. Take 2. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  9. Tickets to "The Handmaiden"
    Hot take: best movie of the year? Dark, sexy, visually stunning...and with all the fucked up plot twists you'd expect from the director of "OldBoy." Maybe not the kind of movie you'd want to go to with your parents (unless you're cool sitting through long, graphic sex scenes together). Anyway: 💯💯💯
  10. Sakara Rest + Relax Hemp Chocolates
    Closing out January's Best Buys with another sleep aid (I wonder why... 🤔). Had 2 before bed last night and slept great! They're not cheap but hey, whatever works.