My favorites, in no particular order...
  1. Picasso, "Guernica"
    Well, ok, this one definitely wins. Didn't realize how huge it was in person. Mesmerizing.
  2. Man Ray, "Indestructible Object"
  3. Magritte, "The Secret of Courtship"
  4. Dali, "Los esfuerzos estériles (Sterile Efforts)"
    A must-see in person. The detail is incredible.
  5. Picasso, all the post-Guernica weeping heads/women
  6. Jose Gutierrez Solana, "Procesión de la muerte (Procession of Death)"
  7. Picasso, "Monument aux espagnols morts pour la France (Monument to the Spaniards Who Died for France)"
  8. Hermen Anglada Camarasa, "Sonia de Klamery"
  9. Marcel Broodthaers, "The ballad of a star over Reading Gaol"
  10. Dali, "Visage du Grand Masturbateur (Face of the Great Masturbator)"
  11. Jose Gutierrez Solana, "La tertulia del Café de Pombo (The Gathering at the Café de Pombo)"
  12. Dali, "Endless Enigma"
    Technically perfect.
  13. Marcel Broodthaers, "Sin titulo (triptico)"
    "Everything is eggs. The world is an egg. The world was born of the great yolk, the sun." —M.B.
  14. Max Ernst, "Red Birds"
  15. Suzanne Lafont, "Grimace"