Admit it, you've crushed on them too.
  1. Cartoon Peter Venkman (The Real Ghostbusters)
    My ::very:: first crush, tied with Alex P. Keaton (must have been 4 or 5 years old). I used to run up and kiss the TV whenever either of them came onscreen.
  2. Dimitri (Anastasia)
    That hair. 😍
  3. Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)
    Good hair was really important to young me.
  4. Buster Bunny (Tiny Toon Adventures)
    Cute, funny, great sense of style.
  5. Tygrus (Batman the Animated Series)
    One-off character, but he was dark, brooding, and really tender with Selina Kyle. Great body. Bonus points for introducing me to the poetry of William Blake (the episode closes with Bruce Wayne reciting "The Tyger"). 💖