A little local flavor from Honolulu.
  1. 2.21.17
    Above the fold: new coach for the UH women's volleyball team
  2. 2.22.17
    "Hawaii Pacific Health Women's 10K celebrates 40 years as the state's premier women-only race" #whyyyy
  3. 2.22.17
    Top story about replanting indigenous trees in northern Maui completely obscured by giant Taco Bell ad.
  4. 2.23.17
    Just learned more about rat lungworm disease than I cared to know. 🐭
  5. 2.23.17
  6. 2.24.17
    After killing 19 Hawaiian hoary bats over the past 4 years, they're outpacing the 62 bat/20 year allotment.
  7. 2.25.17
    Article in Hawaiian discussing whether or not Pluto ('Ilioki) is a true planet.
  8. 2.27.17
    Pretty cool. Hawaiian inmates participate in the peaceful mahahiki/harvest season with hula, chants and ritual games.
  9. 2.26.17
  10. 2.26.17