Thanks Ellen Swiz for introducing me to this life-changing sandwich, located at Wyckoff Starr in Bushwick.
  1. Here she is:
    Love her.
  2. First, let's talk ingredients
    Everything bagel, cream cheese, butter, cucumber, salt and pepper...and hot sauce (you have to ask for it). Now here's why she's so great:
  3. She's the perfect size
    The bagel is on the smaller side so you don't feel gross after eating the whole thing.
  4. The bagel is buttered (but only on one side)
    Why have I never asked for this before? It adds a subtle depth/richness to the cream cheese. Genius.
  5. She's structurally sound
    A moderate amount of cream cheese + thinly sliced cucumbers = sandwich filling that doesn't slide around or ooze out when you take a bite
  6. She's surprisingly refreshing
    Cucumbers, guys.
  7. She's seasoned to perfection
    Vegetables need salt and pepper, even when they're nestled between butter and cream cheese (Bobby Flay says to always salt salad greens before adding dressing and he's right). And the hot sauce (Tabasco) really makes the whole thing sing. Don't forget to ask for it!