You guys, this show hasn't aired yet and I'm already in love with it.
  1. Episode 1.1: "New Pope, Who Dis?"
  2. Episode 1.2: "Hey Papacy"
    The Young Pope gets flack from the College of Cardinals when he blasts the Gin Blossoms during mass.
  3. Episode 1.3: Ew-charist
    The Young Pope accidentally replaces the communion wine with his personal stash of sizzurp.
  4. Episode 1.4: Hail Mary (Jane)
    When mysterious smoke keeps shooting out of the Vatican every day at 4:20pm, the cardinals realize a shocking secret: Young Pope does dope.
  5. Episode 1.5: "What's Up, Doctrine?"
    Young Pope convinces his shrink he has ADD so he can score an Adderall prescription.
  6. Episode 1.6: "Dude, Where's My Popemobile?"
    After a wild night of partying, the Young Pope wakes up in Rome with no memory of where he parked his popemobile. With only hours 'till his next Papal Audience, he better find his wheels fast... or there'll be hell to pay.
  7. Episode 1.7: "Hoc est Corpus Meum"
    OMG, the Young Pope has a lot of 'splaining to do when he accidentally mass tweets a dick pic.
  8. Episode 1.8: "Spirit Fingers"
    During a really intense acid trip, the Young Pope becomes convinced that the Holy Spirit has entered into a party platter of chicken fingers.
  9. Static