📷 Waimea Falls Park (2.20.17)

Thanks, @sslavin84 and @prophet_icculus for giving me an excuse to revisit this rad place on Oahu's north shore.
  1. Pre-park buds (highly recommend Koko Head Cafe if you're hungry in Honolulu btw)
  2. This guy is an 'Alae 'ula... indigenous to Hawaii and less than 1000 of these left!
  3. Learned a lot about hibiscus hybrids and the men who created them. Someone needs to write a biopic about the intense Cleghorn/Giffard rivalry.
  4. The island of Oahu's flower, the 'ilima.
  5. Bananas
  6. Puakenikeni, a delicious-smelling flower used in leis
  7. Waimea Falls!
  8. Falls buds
  9. House for canoe-making/storage
  10. Cooking house
  11. Sleeping house
  12. Hala tree (lookit those roots!)
  13. Important movies were filmed here