The "I think I'm going to stay in tonight" Edition.
  1. "I think I'm going to stay in and bake a cake tonight."
    Post-work drinks with coworkers, drinks with friends at Soho House, drinks with more friends in Greenpoint, house party rager 'til 4:30am.
  2. "So excited to stay in tonight."
    Prepared a healthy dinner at home (so close!), received a text and went out to a karaoke bar until midnight, got a nightcap at a scary old-school Polish bar with a houseguest then watched her FaceTime with her ex-boyfriend until I fell asleep.
  3. One day later: "God, my voice is destroyed from that karaoke sesh. Can't wait to get some sleep tonight."
    Dinner, drinks, karaoke 'til 4am.
  4. "So ready for a chill night."
    Gym, Sichuan food, drinks at 12th street ale house, drinks at shoolbreds, watching "Black Mirror" San Junipero at my bestie's apartment... (not mad at this unchill night for the record). EDIT: a little destroyed by San Junipero but glad I feel like a human.