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    Runner, the family dog.
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    He's 14 and we think he has dog dementia. He hates anyone outside of my immediate family. He also falls down a lot. But he's a happy fluffy fur ball and the cutest lil babe ever. Best dog in the🌎.
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    Chesney, my boyfriend's dog.
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    He's the opposite of Runner and loves everyone. He's a 160 pound bloodhound and loves to give hugs. He also has some crazy drool. It's a-ok though because he drools on you with love.
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    Here's another picture of Runner.
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    And here's another picture of Chesney.
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    Runner. My child.
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    Okay, you caught me. This was just a gratuitous list of my two favorite dogs.
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    While you're still here look at this crazy thing Runner does.
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    We accept him, one of us.