I am 22 and I have 2 younger brothers
  1. The first one is in college now and knows how to take care of himself
  2. He's also a huge nerd like I was and didn't drink/do crazy things until college
  3. But my youngest brother is 15 and going to his homecoming dance tonight
  4. He's on student council and super popular. He has probably 4x as many friends as I ever did in my entire life.
  5. I'm feeling super protective of him tonight and I hope he doesn't make any stupid decisions.
  6. But it's okay if he does because I know that's normal teenage things.
  7. But I really want him to be safe and it worries me. He's so quiet and doesn't share much.
  8. I just sent him this even though I live an hour away
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  9. But I would drive hours to him if it meant keeping him safe.
  10. I am going to be a nervous wreck the entire night.
  11. 😁