Foolproof method. Been doing this for years. Trust me.
  1. Don't go get a haircut.
  2. Let your hair grow really long.
  3. Only second-guess the length when someone tells you your hair is looking "extra lioness-y" and not as a compliment.
  4. Brush them off. You look bangin'.
  5. Have a glass of wine on a week night.
  6. Realize your hair IS really long.
  7. Eh. Maybe you should get a haircut.
  8. Realize you're broke.
    You're not gonna spend your hard earned money for some hair to be chopped off!
  9. You can do this yourself.
  10. Grab the scissors.
    Any kind really. Hair is hair.
  11. You've done this before. You're fine. You don't need to look up hair cutting tutorials on YouTube.
  12. Give yourself a trim.
  13. Realize you cut too much off.
    Freak out a little.
  14. Go to YouTube. Find some tutorials about how to fix tipsy self-haircuts.
  15. Realize you don't care that much.
    You kinda like the messy look. It has character.
  16. Repeat in 6 months.