Note: all of these people were complete strangers.
  1. This is the tattoo.
    6d22635b 38b8 448b 84eb e0ed22a644d1
  2. "You must be very religious."
  3. "That's a lot of triangles."
    Might be my fav one. Very to the point.
  4. "Have you counted how many triangles are in there?"
  5. "Do you like patterns?"
    You got that right, buddy!
  6. "Is that because of the illuminati?"
    I've gotten this one three times. THREE TIMES.
  7. People tend to focus on this tattoo.
  8. Which is v weird.
  9. Because this is one of my other ones.
    Ab0727f1 8c5e 4734 8b2c 5beb2add6760