Okay okay, we've been together for 2 years but I still have a crush on him.
  1. He's always down to get a margarita. Or two. Sometimes three.
    And tacos.
  2. He respects ALL of my opinions.
    I can have very strong opinions. This has come from years of pleasing people and recently realizing that I need to have my own unique ideas and thoughts. I can go overboard sometimes. I'll apologize for my rants. His response: "don't apologize. I love that you have strong opinions about important things." YEAH!!!!
  3. He works so so so hard.
    I can get mad and upset because he doesn't have a lot of time for me and that kind of sucks. BUT he's busy building his family's company and generally being the most hard-working person I know. Nights, early mornings, Saturdays, Sundays. He's always working as hard as he can and I admire that. I'm a lazy fuck.
  4. He has an amazing bloodhound. His name is Chesney and he's a big lovable baby.
  5. He made me realize that I don't have to be perfect.
    A REALLY bad relationship from my teens had me thinking that I needed to constantly be the "perfect girlfriend." I tried to break up with my current boyfriend after our first big fight because I thought he def wouldn't want to be with me after seeing this ugly, stubborn side of me. I know it sounds like, duh, obviously you don't break up after one fight, but I seriously had never experienced a guy accepting my flaws before.
  6. My dog really likes him.
    My dog doesn't like anyone.
  7. I just really love this guy.